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Casting and Reloading supplies for sale

Posted By: Bill Scott Posted: 05 / 07 / 2023 22:16
Prefered Contact Method: biscotmc@gmail.com Asking: see below
I have clean bullet lead ingots for sale, $.70 per lb., plenty in stock. Also Lino, Mono, Tin, and Rotometals Super-hard Antimony/Lead, if you want the best mix to your preference, all at good prices.
I also have CCI small pistol primers, $70 per 1000 or $320 per 5000, 2 5000-ct. cases available (sorry, just sold). Also Bullseye powder, $150 for 8 lb tubs, 2 available.
Once-fired 9mm brass, clean and polished, $30 for 1250, one bag left.
RCBS Pro-Melt w/ 10 lb. pot (not used much as I use my Magma Master Caster, sorry, not for sale), and several Lyman 6-bullet 9mm molds.
All prices fair and negotiable to my friends at SEIPS, come check it out. Going fast, just need to thin the herd a bit.
Call or text me, Bill Scott, 208 589-4817, or email biscotmc@gmail.com


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