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STI executive

Posted By: Cody Brubaker Posted: 05 / 17 / 2022 12:17
Prefered Contact Method: 307 413 0945 Asking: 3800
Comes with 2000 small pistol primers. This is a turn key uspsa limited division setup, or just a sweet conversation piece at the range. It is an STI executive that I have done a lot of custom work to. It has the X-Line short flat gold trigger system in it with the Atlas gun works egw perfect match ignition kit with lightened hammer. The trigger is super light and crisp while also retaining all safety features. It has a colt match main spring, and the egw lightened hammer spring. Also have the super nice Dawson precision ice magwell with a fresh liner in it. The go guns gas pedal is also a sweet add on and thay combined with everything else makes this pistol a flat shooting dream.
Aside from the pistol you will also receive a cr speed super stiff competition belt inner and outer combo. Double alpha academy alpha x holster and 5 alpha x mag pouches with a magnet on one of them. It will come with 5 freshly tuned mags with taran tactical base pads and grams springs and followers. I have the stock magwell to go with it as well and a bunch of small spare parts as well and some replacement fiber optic for the front sight. You will also get, all my remaining .40cal brass, all my remaining .40cal bullets and my .40cal reloading dies


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