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Steven Schalk schalks at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 24 21:44:18 CDT 2017

With the intention of advancing the overall speed of thematch, obtaining an earlier match finish, and refining our procedures, we will be implementing severalnew guidelines starting with the Sept 2017 match. 

1.      No more mulligans: Once the make ready commandhas been given, and after the shooter acknowledges ready, reshoots will not begranted for firearm/ammo related issues. These include, but are not limited to,FTE, FTF, misfires, mis-feeds, safeties left on, and magazines falling out. 

2.      Scoring: If the stop plate is unintentionallyshot and hit before all other targets have been engaged and/or hit, the timewill stop at the point the stop plate was hit and all targets not yet engaged/hitwill be scored as misses. Intentionally shooting the stop plate out of order togain an advantage will initially result in a warning and a 30 second penalty; arepeat will result in a DQ.

3.      Squad Size: As much as practically possible,squad sizes will be limited to 8 shooters, including safety personnel. Shootersthat wish to shoot together should sign up as early as possible.
4.      Match start time: The start time will be movedup to 9:00 am. Setup will begin at 8:00 (or earlier). Final call for squaddingwill end at 8:30 am.
5. Equipment: Shooters are expected to, and should be ready to shoot as soon as their squads are at their stage. The proper number of magazines should be loaded and all other equipment ready to go.

Steve SchalkRC Match Director
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