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*All - - - *

*This is a NIGHT Carbine Match (as scheduled at the Oct 13th meeting.)*

*Setup is:  6:25pm  (Come out to register then.)*

*Shooting Starts:  ~ 7:25pm (When it gets dark.)*

*Fees are:  Member - $ 6    Non-Member - $ 11*

*                   OK - $ 1 less if you bring your own light-stick.*

*Don't forget to bring a flashlight for your carbine.  (All "starts" are
lights off.)*

*Weather looks really good;  should be a fun match.  (50 rounds plus or


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SEIPS Event Calendar mailer 10-25-2016

The following event is due in 2 day(s):
Title: *Carbine Match*
Date / time: 10-27-2016 @ 17:00 - 21:00
Venue: Upper Range including Club house and Rifle Bay
Category: Special Match
Description: Special Carbine Rifle (16 in Barrel more or less)
4-5 Stages (60-75 rounds) -
Cat: Iron Sights / Red Dot Sights / Scoped Sights
Special Cat: Rimfire
Members - $5 / Non-members $10 per firearm
Click here for Registration
Setup Time:: 1700
Shooting Time:: 1800

Open calendar <http://seips.org/Calendar/?cal=mycal&cD=2016-10-27>

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