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Dan -

Even though Wednesday nights are well attended, efforts are being made to keep the squad sizes reasonable (around 10 or so).  Preregistration online will speed up the "before 6:00" pandemonium, also.  As I've said before, if anyone wants to register after 6:00PM and they haven't registered online, they will have to fill in the paper forms.  Their scores may or may not be combined with everyone else's.  Just because a few people think they should be the exception to the rule shouldn't cause everyone else to have to wait.  We have limited hours.  We will start shooting on time...

The reality is that a lot of effort has been spent lately in trying to increase membership.  It has, apparently, worked.  Now we have to learn to deal with it.

Constructive suggestions for improving and streamlining are always welcome.


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> This is an excellent idea, Skip. I would certainly attend many more matches if it were not for this issue. Remember the good old days when SEIPS was much less formal and not as overgrown. As an example, if I understand the situation correctly,now you can't even shoot IDPA without being a elite member of IDPA. Oh yeah, there is Action Pistol on Wednesday nights if you want to spend your time not shooting.Remember when Rex used to put on the best and most fun (practical as well) IDPA matches.
> Enough nostalgia. 
> Dan Bevilacqua
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>> Stop shooting so fast Skip. 
>> Registration seems to take the most time. Realistically, the nooks move the time spent scoring after the match, to the beginning of the match. The biggest hurdle seems to be getting folks to sign up in advance. 
>> TimE
>> TimE
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>> Folks,I just calculated time spent versus time shooting at a recent match. I was at the range for 4 hours and spent a total time of 3.1 minutes shooting. I would suggest that we look at ways to speed up some of our matches so other activities can be handled on a given Saturday, Sunday or week night.I read Dave Spencer's latest e-mail about limited daylight hours in our Wednesday night Action Shootsand the need to speed up the match time. I agree completely.I have discussed this with shooting club people from another state and their goal was to get the matchdone before noon on given weekend shoots.We have always had creative match directors who bring us interesting scenarios. I just think we can shorten the time we spend waiting to get to the line.Skip_______________________________________________Seips mailing listSeips at seips.orghttp://seips.org/mailman/listinfo/seips_seips.org
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