[Seips club news] Shooting times

Harold Jones powder1 at ida.net
Sat Jun 6 21:37:43 CDT 2015


I just calculated time spent versus time shooting at a recent match. 
I was at the range for 4 hours and spent a total time of 3.1 minutes 
shooting. I would suggest that we look at ways to speed up some of 
our matches so other activities can be handled on a given Saturday, 
Sunday or week night.

I read Dave Spencer's latest e-mail about limited daylight hours in 
our Wednesday night Action Shoots
and the need to speed up the match time. I agree completely.

I have discussed this with shooting club people from another state 
and their goal was to get the match
done before noon on given weekend shoots.

We have always had creative match directors who bring us interesting 
scenarios. I just think we can shorten the time we spend waiting to 
get to the line.


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