[Seips club news] USPSA Matches for Feb and March are on!

Tim Egan tim at idahouspsa.com
Fri Jan 31 22:18:38 CST 2014

Thank  you to Jeff Ovard for stepping up to be Match Director for the Feb 8

And Dwight Kraai will be the Match Director for the March 8 match.


For those of you who have not tried USPSA, it is an exciting sport that can

Shot with about any handgun that you have, 9mm or larger.

We shoot stages (scenarios) of up to 32 rounds per stage, so three to four

Magazines are desirable. Targets are shot on an 'as visible' basis, making

Up to the competitor to decide when and where to engage. so stage plans

Are up to you to decide. Concealment is not required, and we tend to shoot

Props that move around when you hit them. 


And for 2014, our match fees are $10 for SEIPS members and $15 for non,

And new shooters to SEIPS shoot their first match free.


Please come out early to help setup, 8am. Registration and safety briefing

Follows as soon as setup is done, about 10 am.


I am still asking people to volunteer to be match director for a single

Or two for the rest of the year. Basically, you would be the man in charge, 

Have to come up with four stage ideas. Our setup crew has always worked

Hard to put the match on the ground and they are always appreciated.

I will still handle the scoring.



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