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Shooting instructor/coach
Posted By: Nicholas Hanson Posted: 10 / 20 / 2016 17:49
Hello there,

I'm newly back to Idaho falls, and am looking for a pistol shooting coach. I am very familiar with firearms as I've spent the last four years in the military, and am not looking for a beginner coach. Any information would be awesome you can shoot me an email at riv3rat@gmail.com.



Posted By: Gary Johns Posted: 10 / 21 / 2016 02:26
Replying to your add at seips,,, there are a lot of experienced shooters in this club, Are you looking more for a pro like Bennie Cooley or just some one to give a little guidance ?

One of the best all around shooters would be Rex Hanson in my opinion....

Gary Pullen is very good shooter also....

I guess it all depends on exactly what your looking for ,,,, style of shooting ,weapon etc ?

There is also guns and gear not sure what they offer at this time.


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